TFT Mobile PBE: How to sign-up

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Teamfight Tactics is rapidly approaching its 10th set and as the game continues to grow in popularity, Riot is doing more to support it and the various platforms its available on. While TFT launched as a PC game, it has since expanded to mobile devices.

Although I feel that PC is still the optimal game experience, I actually mainly play on mobile because of convenience. I like being able to play anywhere on my phone.

But up until now, TFT’s PBE (Public Beta Environment) has only been available on PC. If you primarily play on mobile, you were unable to test out new patches and even upcoming sets unless you were doing so on PC. Not the worst thing, but an annoyance for someone like me who just doesn’t like playing games on my PC.

Well, thankfully that’s all changing soon.

Riot has announced plans to launch a Teamfight Tactics Mobile PBE. In early November, Riot will open the PBE to a limited number of accounts, allowing those who are invited to help test out upcoming patches and provide feedback specifically for the mobile version of the game.

How to sign up for TFT Mobile PBE?

Signing up for the TFT Mobile PBE is super easy. All you have to do is register through this form here. It’s unclear what sort of criteria Riot is looking for with testers, but they ask things such as your mobile device (iOS or Android), how long you’ve played TFT, and things of that nature.

if you are approved for a TFT Mobile PBE account, you should receive an email along with instructions on how to get started.

TFT is currently in Set 9.5 with the Worlds Championship scheduled to be played out this weekend. Set 10 is expected to launch in mid-November which means it won’t be long now before Riot officially unveils what to expect from it.