Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to host Halloween themed ghost type mass outbreak event

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Pokemon is set to host its Scarlet and Violet Halloween event between October 27th and 31st, with ghost type mass outbreaks set to take Paldea and Kitakami by storm.

As we continue to wait for more news regarding Pokemon’s upcoming Indigo Disk portion of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, Pokemon fans are are set to receive a Halloween treat from Game Freak, as the company will host its Scarlet and Violet Halloween event very shortly. The event in question will include mass outbreaks for ghost-type Pokemon, namely Drifloon, Phantump, Mimikyu and Greavard.

Pokemon’s inclusion of this event will be a significant boon for any shiny hunters that have possibly wanted to add one of Drifloon, Phantump, Mimikyu, or Greavard to their team as the outbreaks will make the chance of shiny Pokemon appearing all the more probable, especially when combined with other shiny hunting methods, such as shiny sandwiches. There will also be the added allure of possibly getting a shiny with the “crafty” mark as well, as Pokémon from these mass outbreaks will spawn in with this mark during said outbreak.

The mass outbreak event will also now set the precedent for future events of the sort for upcoming holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve seen the Pokemon company do this sort of thing in Pokemon Go quite frequently, but adding this sort of feature to the main-line games is a welcome surprise.

The event itself is set to take place between October 27th and October 31st, giving players ample time to take part in the mass-outbreak fun. This event will also be coupled with a five star tera raid event that involves Mismagius, which will have the Ghost era type. This particular event will have a good chance of dropping rare candies upon defeating the Pokemon in combat.

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There will be some disappointment in the fact that the pool of Pokemon is as narrow as it is, however. Scarlet & Violet feature a fair few more ghost types such as the Sandygast, Litwick or Duskull lines, among others,  that could have made for enticing in-game encounters. Perhaps a rotating cast of Pokemon could be considered for future events that perhaps last throughout the month of any given holiday. It would certainly be something for Pokémon to take into account going into the holiday season.