Diablo IV ‘Lord of Hatred’ expansion leaks: New class, raids and more

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Warning, spoilers for Diablo IV base game are included below.

It appears that we have the name and location setting of the first major expansion for Diablo IV. This comes from datamining and nothing official, but there’s a lot of information for it to simply be filler. The leak was mined from a technical alpha build of version 2.0 that was uploaded to its private testing servers. The information we got is exciting, but also isn’t all that surprising as far as the story goes.

The title is leaked to be named “Lord of Hatred” and will be centered around Mephisto. Considering he was a main character in the base game and how the story left off, it was expected by fans that this would be the case. As far as the other information goes, that’s where the exciting part comes in. If true, Blizzard is clearly not going the route of simply providing some story missions and calling it a day.

First off, a brand-new class called Spiritborn will be added to the game and will be a nature-based class. So, basically, we’ll have DC’s Poison Ivy on steroids. In addition, the Kurast region of Diablo 2 is going to be included. In Diablo lore, Kurast is the capital of Kehjistan and is apart from the land in Diablo IV, centered way to the east past the Twin Seas. Now, for those who played the base game, you’ll see where I’m heading with this. Nyrelle steals Mephisto’s soul stone and sails away on a ship before the game fades to black. Now, it appears she is sailing east due to the sun. Since she is carrying Mephisto’s soul stone, this could very well be how he is resurrected and re-powered in Kurast.

That’s not all though, either. According to the mine, there will also be raids, a mercenary system where you can gear up and level up NPC’s in their own trees as well as crafting corrupt runestones. Season two of Diablo IV just launched and is centered around vampiric abilities. We have no official word on when said expansion would release, but Blizzard has indicated there will be a new season every quarter along with annual expansions. The technical questions, i.e. do we need a new character like in seasons, also has to be addressed.

What do you think of this leak if true and how are you enjoying Diablo IV so far with its new seasons? Let us know below.