10 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5

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5. Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways

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Metascore: 87

User Score: 9.2

Developer: Capcom

Although Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways is just a DLC for Resident Evil 4, the game boasts one of the highest critic scores in the horror game category. Released just six months after the Resident Evil 4 remake, Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways connects all the missing pieces from the 2023 horror game. Truly experience Ada Wong’s story for the first time as she embarks on her mission to retrieve the Amber.

"“Separate Ways is a worthy counterpart to Resident Evil 4’s fantastic story, providing an excellent remix of both new and familiar locations, and its breakneck pace of pitting you against excellent adversaries never leaves room for a dull moment,” IGN reviewed on Metacritic."

Players can purchase Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways on PS5 for $9.99. To play, you must already own Resident Evil 4.