10 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5

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Looking for the best horror games on PlayStation 5? We compiled a list of the 10 best options perfect for the Halloween season.

There is nothing better than playing a horror game in mid-October. Whether you want jump-scares and creepy monsters or compelling storylines and exciting cliffhangers, our list offers a range of titles, franchises, and villains that will get you in the mood for the upcoming spooky holiday.

Check out the best horror games on PlayStation 5, per Metacritic reviews and scores.

10 Best Horror Games on PlayStation 5

10. Alan Wake Remastered

Metascore: 79

User Score: 8.0

Developer: Remedy Entertainment

The first game on our list is Alan Wake Remastered. With Alan Wake 2 coming out in just under two weeks, revisiting or trying out the first game is the perfect way to prepare. Experience the mind-bending journey of author Alan Wake as he searches for his missing wife. With plenty of cliffhangers, twists, and heart stopping combat scenarios, Alan Wake Remastered offers PS5 players an enhanced look at the award-winning game.

"“Alan Wake Remastered if the definitive way to play Remedy’s psychological horror. Its stellar action and mysterious story still hold up to this day, and a fresh coat of paint makes Bright Falls shine,” PlaySense reviewed on Metacritic."

Players can buy Alan Wake Remastered on PS5 for just $9.89 if they purchase the game before Oct. 26, 2023. Then, the title will cost $29.99.