6 Best Horror Games With Little to No Jump Scares

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World of Horror

Panstasz, Paweł Koźmiński
Panstasz, Paweł Koźmiński /

Developer: Paweł Koźmiński (a.k.a. Panstasz)

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Cost: $19.99

World of Horror is a 1-bit turn-based adventure where players must find out what’s causing horrifying phenomena in Shiokawa, Japan. Players can experience multiple endings, be five unique characters, and solve over ten mysteries in this terrifying title.

This rogulite is inspired by well-known horror authors. Junji Ito, the creator of a famous Japanese horror manga, Uzumaki, significantly impacted World of Horrors’ art style. H.P Lovecraft, most famous for The Call of Cthulhu, also inspired the game’s lore.

According to most players, the game uses few jumpscares and heavily relies on disturbing visuals, audio distortions, and unsettling surroundings to evoke fear.