CD Projekt Red employees unite: The birth of Poland’s gamedev workers union


The gaming industry has seen a surge in labor unions as CD Projekt Red workers in Poland unite to protect their rights in the face of layoffs. The newly formed Polish Gamedev Workers Union, known as “Związek Pracowników Branży Gier,” aims to represent all professionals and individuals working in the game development sector in Poland. This move comes in response to CD Projekt Red’s announcement of layoffs affecting nine percent of its workforce by March 2024, following a series of job losses in recent months.

CD Projekt Red has faced challenges in recent years, particularly with the troubled development and launch of Cyberpunk 2077. The studio had to divert resources from potential projects like The Witcher 4 to address issues with Cyberpunk 2077 and its subsequent DLCs. The long hours and intense development cycles in the industry have also taken a toll on workers’ mental health.

The establishment of this union reflects the growing demand for better job security, transparency, and protection for game developers. The union’s site highlights the need for employees to have a stronger voice in times of crisis, as they are the ones creating value in the industry.

It’s important to note that this union primarily represents workers in Poland with Polish contracts and does not cover CD Projekt Red’s Vancouver studio. However, the formation of this union may inspire similar efforts in other parts of the gaming industry.

The emergence of labor unions in the gaming industry underscores the importance of addressing labor issues and improving working conditions for game developers worldwide. It remains to be seen how CD Projekt Red will respond to this development and whether they will work cooperatively with the newly formed union.

Labor unions are gaining traction in the gaming industry, with CD Projekt Red employees in Poland taking the initiative to establish the Polish Gamedev Workers Union. This move comes as a response to the recent wave of layoffs within the company, with CD Projekt Red announcing that it will be letting go of nine percent of its staff by March 2024. The layoffs follow a series of job losses at the studio over the past few months.

The newly formed union, Związek Pracowników Branży Gier, has a broader mission than just representing CD Projekt Red employees. It aims to advocate for the rights and interests of all professionals and individuals working in the game development sector in Poland.

The motivation behind the creation of this union is rooted in the challenges and uncertainties faced by game developers, particularly those who have experienced layoffs and job insecurity. The union’s website emphasizes that unionization offers increased job security, transparency, better protection, and a stronger collective voice during times of crisis.

While the Polish Gamedev Workers Union can only officially represent employees with Polish contracts, it serves as a significant step towards raising awareness about labor issues within the gaming industry. Workers at CD Projekt Red’s Vancouver studio, for instance, may consider launching their own unionization efforts in response to these developments.

The establishment of labor unions in the gaming industry reflects a growing need to address workplace conditions, crunch culture, and the overall well-being of game developers. It remains to be seen how CD Projekt Red will respond to this new union and whether they will engage in cooperative efforts to address labor concerns within the company.