7 Best Fortnitemares Skins of All Time

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Fortnitemares 2023 kicks off today, and in honor of Epic Games’ big Halloween celebration, we compiled a list of the 7 best Fortnitemares skins of all time.

Every year, Fortnitemares brings spooky updates to Fortnite, including new weapons, redesigned POIs, and free cosmetic rewards for completing Fortnitemares Quests. Fans look forward to the event as soon as October starts, mainly for the Halloween inspired skins headlining the holiday update. As you explore the 2023 options, check out the 7 best Fortnitemares skins of all time.

Michael Myers

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Michael Myers is the best Fortnitemares skin of all time. Epic Games often brings pop culture icons to their Battle Royale, but rarely do they release crossovers during Fortnitemares. Now, they finally featured the Halloween villain in Fortnitemares 2023.

The Michael Myers skin shows the character in his iconic mask and dark outfit. Epic Games teases, “The Island is not far enough from Haddonfield.”

Fans will be able to purchase the Michael Myers skin and matching cosmetics, including an Emote of Myers playing the Halloween theme song, once the skin drops in the Item Shop. The skin is worth the V-Bucks.