Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: A new chapter, no old saves


The gaming world is buzzing with excitement as Square Enix unveils more details about the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the next installment in its remake trilogy of the iconic 1997 RPG. However, one crucial piece of information has left fans pondering the implications for their gaming experience: players won’t be able to import their saves from Final Fantasy VII Remake into Rebirth. But fear not, there are rewards in store for those dedicated adventurers who have journeyed through the previous game and its DLC.

Scheduled for an exclusive PlayStation 5 release on February 29, 2024, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth continues the story after the events of 2020’s FF7 Remake and its Intergrade DLC. The game promises to deliver the same visually stunning remake treatment to the beloved PS1 RPG classic, complete with intriguing twists and modifications to the original storyline. However, the inability to transfer save data between the two games has left some fans disappointed.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Blog, Rebirth’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, clarified the decision to keep save data separate. He emphasized that each entry in the FFVII remake trilogy is designed as a standalone experience with independent balancing. This approach ensures that players’ levels and abilities won’t carry over from one game to the next.

While the news may disappoint those who were hoping to wreak havoc in FFVII Rebirth with their overpowered Cloud and Aerith, it’s a decision rooted in practicality. Crafting these expansive RPGs as standalone titles allows for better balancing and prevents potential issues that could arise from high-level characters transitioning seamlessly into a new adventure.

For players who invested time in Final Fantasy VII Remake, there’s a silver lining. Square Enix has prepared “special bonuses” as a token of appreciation. Gamers with Remake save data can expect to receive the Leviathan Summon Materia, while those who completed the Intermission DLC will be rewarded with the Ramuh Summon Materia. It’s important to note that this save data must be readily available on your PS5 when you dive into the world of Rebirth.

As the release date draws closer, fans eagerly await the chance to explore the next chapter of Cloud and his companions’ journey, even if it means starting afresh without their former exploits.

The decision to exclude save data transfer from Final Fantasy VII Remake to Rebirth may come as a surprise to some players, especially those who had invested considerable time and effort into leveling up their characters in the previous game. However, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind this choice.

Each entry in the FFVII remake trilogy is envisioned as a self-contained experience with its own unique gameplay balance and challenges. By not allowing save data to carry over, the development team can fine-tune the game to provide a consistent and satisfying experience for all players, whether they are veterans of the previous title or newcomers to the series. It also prevents the potential imbalance that could arise from bringing overpowered characters into a fresh adventure.

While it may be disappointing to bid farewell to your overpowered party members from the previous game, this decision ultimately ensures that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can stand on its own merits and offer a balanced, enjoyable gameplay experience for everyone.

For those who have explored every nook and cranny of Final Fantasy VII Remake and its DLC, Square Enix has prepared special bonuses as a gesture of gratitude. The Leviathan Summon Materia for Remake save data holders and the Ramuh Summon Materia for Intermission save data holders serve as tokens of appreciation for your dedication to the world of Final Fantasy.

As the release date approaches, fans can look forward to diving into the visually stunning and emotionally rich world of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. While the inability to transfer saves may present a fresh challenge, it also promises a new and exciting adventure that builds upon the legacy of this beloved RPG classic.