Project Voltage: The Hatsune Miku x Pokemon crossover we’ve all been waiting for

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Crossovers. It’s something that has been sort of ruined over the last few years of gaming with groups like Fortnite throwing everything together to the point where it no longer feels special. Honestly, the only reason I look forward to them is because I’m getting closer to a point where I can redo my MASSIVE list of characters you can kill with Ariana Grande.

But there’s some tried and true O.G. franchise that MASTER the crossover market. Capcom, for example, has no hesitation crossing over the titles allowing you to ride Rush in Monster Hunter or turn your Palico into a tiny Phoenix Wright. Sanrio has awesome ones to, crossing over with everything from Animal Crossing to Gundam.

There are two franchises, however, that while they do a TON of crossovers, they never seem to intersect. Hatsune Miku and Pokemon. Neither are stranger to the concept. Hell, the last Hatsune Miku game let you dress her up like Sonic the Hedgehog. And Pokemon has done a crossover with everything from Skateboard companies to Manhole manufacturers. But never have the two met. Until now.

Project Voltage is this crazy, out of the blue, collab between the Vocaloid Team and Pokemon.

First it was just teased on the Project Voltage Twitter account with this image.

Project-Voltage-Teaser-Image /

But over the course of the last several weeks that started releasing 18 different images. Each one depicting Hatsune Miku with a Pokemon. What really makes them special is that each picture has Hatsune Miku in a special outfit designed to look like each of the 18 Types in Pokemon.

Each of the 18 images is expertly designed and honestly gives me the level of design and character customization I pray a Pokemon game will try to even come close to. My personal favorite, number 14, the Ghost Type.

14-Ghost-Type-Miku /

All 18 are done and are visible on the Project Voltage Twitter account (which I swear to god I can’t call X and I’m sorry but I can’t it’s just so incredibly stupid).

One of the biggest things that’s happening from this though is that they’re also going to be producing Hatsune Miku songs with a Pokemon theme. They’ve already released a song “Volt Tackle” which is an absolute banger. And, if you’ve been playing Pokemon games for a while you’ll recognize that almost everything from the background music to the tones in Miku’s voice are references to songs from the game’s 20+ year history.

It was also written by DECO*27 who is one of the greatest of all people who write songs for the Vocaloid. Check it out.

And if you’re curious on seeing all the different art pieces but don’t wanna scroll through “Twitter” don’t worry fam. I put all the songs into a video as a slideshow for you to see. At least until Nintendo’s lawyers are like “hey, that song isn’t for you” and take it down. But in the meantime, enjoy. I also put bonus sketches at the end. They go by quick so ready that pause button.