Clash of Clans balance changes made ahead of World Finals

Supercell /

With the Clash of Clans Championship Qualifiers starting and the World Finals just a few months away, Supercell has released a new round of balance changes affecting Town Hall 10 through Town Hall 15. The update is live today, which also means attack replays have been removed.

The goal of the update seems to be a major reduction in DPS for the following defenses across Town Hall 10-15: Cannon, Archer Tower, X-Bow, Interno Tower, Eagle Artillery and Scattershot.

Additionally, the DPS of Town hall weapons have also been reduced.

If the changes don’t seem too drastic, that’s because Supercell noted in response to a fan that they need to be careful with Town Hall 15 balancing “as it would be unfair for World Finals to make any major changes while teams were able to qualify under the old meta.”

Most of the major nerfs seemed to have happened across Town Hall 10-13 with fewer major nerfs happening at Town Hall 14 and 15. This is likely to improve the casual gameplay experience while keeping things competitive for the later Town Halls. This would align with Supercell’s statement that they don’t want to impact the World Finals too much.

You’ll also notice there are no price reductions along with these nerfs. That’s because cost re-balancing typically happens before a new Town Hall update. Supercell hasn’t started to talk about introducing a new Town Hall, but we’re likely still a few months away.

Town Hall 15 arrived in the October 2022 update, about a year ago, which based on Supercell’s release cadence, we still have about six more months to go before Town Hall 16 is released. Supercell typically waits about 18 months between introducing new Town Hall levels.

With a major update presumably on the schedule for October, it makes us wonder what sort of new additions to the game we will see. For now, check out the latest round of balance changes in Clash of Clans here.