Is FIFA 24 releasing this year?

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EA Sports has announced that the release date for FIFA 24 is coming soon, so fans won’t have to wait much longer to pick up the new football game. Well, technically, there is no FIFA series anymore. EA’s long-running soccer franchise is now referred to as EA Sports FC.

EA has ensured that despite losing the FIFA license, EA Sports FC 24 is still the same game that has made it a worldwide phenomenon.

Everything we have seen so far looks very promising, from the gameplay to the early access. Hopefully, it will remain unchanged until the end.

There is a lively discussion going on about the top footballers in the game today, such as Haaland, Messi, Ronaldo, and Lewandowski. Fans and experts have different opinions on who should be considered the best player. Nevertheless, these individuals are all highly skilled and talented athletes, each with their unique strengths and abilities on the field. The debate shows how the sport of football continues to evolve and excite.

Both the men’s and women’s games have many new revelations to discuss. If you want to enjoy early access to the game, make sure to purchase the Ultimate Edition.

Rest assured, you’ll find all the essential details about the much-awaited EA FC 24 release here. We’ve got you covered from the release date to pre-order information, cover star, and early access options.

Revealing the FIFA 24 Release Date

The highly anticipated release of EA Sports FC is scheduled for September 29, 2023. If you’re eager to get your hands on the game even earlier, you can pre-order the Ultimate Edition. This will grant you the privilege of an entire week of early access, starting September 22nd. It’s an excellent opportunity to dive into the game and get a head start on the competition.

Is it possible to pre-order EA Sports FC 24?

You have the option to pre-order EA Sports FC 24 at retailers such as GAME and Amazon. Alternatively, suppose you prefer a digital version or the pricier Ultimate Edition that includes a week of early access, To pre-order the game. In that case, you can go to the official stores of PlayStation, Xbox, EA, Steam, Epic Games, or Nintendo.

Who appears on the cover of EA Sports FC 24?

It has been announced that the talented football player, Erling Haaland, will be gracing the cover of EA Sports FC 24. The highly-anticipated reveal event is said to feature the sports star donning stylish and comfortable pajamas, adding a unique flair to the occasion.