How to unlock and complete Pokemon The Teal Mask’s new photo mission

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The Pokemon Company / Nintendo /

While the Teal Mask isn’t anywhere as big as many of the Pokemon DLCs of the past, there is, luckily, a few fun things to do during the post game. And while some of them give out fairly boring prizes like hold items, clothing, and the like, two of them actually give you incredibly rare Pokemon.

We already covered the first three which everyone already knew about, which is capturing the Loyal Three. If you haven’t figured out how to, don’t worry, I wrote a guide for ya.

But what most people didn’t realize is that there is a FIFTH new Pokemon that DLC is ready to give you. And luckily, it’s a Snap. (Capital S intended. You’ll get the pun on your second read, don’t worry about it.)

This mission is going to center around Perrin, which luckily my character was already centering around because its Perrin.

After you find her, she tells you that she wants you to come talk to her after you’ve gotten your fancy new Pokedex for the area to, at least, 150.

Get that done. Catch all the things. There’s Pokemon all over the place, just keep your eye out. I did a lot of the expansion on foot so I stumbled across them pretty quick. Plus, I had the shiny charm so I even got a bunch of shinies.

When you get 150, make your way back to Perrin. She’ll ask for your help, but, since this is the world of Pokemon, she wants to take pictures of you first…midbattle. She fights you, is what I’m saying.

Perrin’s only got two Pokemon though so it won’t take too long. A LVL 68 Noctowl, and a LVL 70 Leafeon. The Leafeon made me really happy because she’s clearly the descendant of Pokemon Legends Arceus’ Adaman who ALSO used a Leafeon. She even mentioned that her ancestors came from a region formerly known as Hisui.

When you win she tells you about how her photography has been struggling and she’s trying to get her next big picture to get her motivated again. And luckily, she’s heard about something called the “Bloodmoon Beast”. No, they didn’t mention this thing in the trailers.

She describes it as an Ursaluna with a red moon symbol on its forehead. “A red moon, as if seen through a veil of blood.” She tells the child you are playing as. Then she has you meet her in the Timeless Woods.

Pokemon-Teal-Mask-Red-Moon-Perrin /

When you get there you find yourself at a narrow opening to a subsection of the woods. Perrin sets up a tent and then shows you a blurry photo of a shape in the fog with a red light shining off of it.

To triangulate the position of where this creature might be, she needs you to take clear pictures of 10 different Pokemon. Does this make sense? Nope. But it’s still fun so lets do it. Heading on foot into the woods after dark, in the fog, you encounter different Pokemon. Just be sure to occasionally look up as they might be in the branches. Get close enough and take a picture and it’ll count. Just make sure their face is clear, they’re fairly close, and they’re towards the center of the shot. If it’s any far away than this fella in the picture below you’re too far.

Pokemon-Teal-Mask-Photography /

Once you get 10 you’ll automatically go back to Perrin where she’ll put all the needed info in order and let you know she found the location of the Ursaluna so let’s head on out.

What follows is a cutscene of her leading you to where the signal’s coming from until you eventually find the big guy and he…is…um…pretty?

Pokemon-Teal-Mask-Bloodmoon-Ursaluna /

Unfortunately, in her effort to take a picture of the big guy, she forgets to turn off her auto-flash and she angers the big ol’ bear leaving you to fight it. Luckily, it’s a pretty easy battle.

Not only that but the game is kind enough to do the catching like it’s a raid battle. So whatever you throw is what’s going to be the guaranteed catch. I put mine in a Moon Ball for aesthetics sake.

The Bloodform of Ursaluna is pretty amazing, to be honest. Not only does it have a move called “Red Moon” which fires a 160 Power beam out of its forehead. But it also has an ability called “Mind’s Eye” which says, “The Pokemon ignores changes to opponents’ evasiveness, its accuracy can’t be lowered, and it can hit Ghost types with Normal and Fighting-type moves.”

Pokemon-Teal-Mask-Perrin-Leaves /

That’s crazy. And that crazy bear can be yours. Good luck.