Lies of P: How to respec and reset your stats?


Respeccing is a big part of video games. Not every video game offers this feature, but it is a great feature that allows you to undo some statistically choices you are unhappy with. Chances are if the video game offers you the chance to invest skill points, there is a way to respec them and undo those choices. Lies of P is no different.

In Lies of P, choice is one of the biggest features. You are going to have to make a lot of choices throughout the game. If you are unfamiliar with what Lies of P is about, Lies of P takes the story of Pinocchio, turns it upside down, and gives it a darker twist. Pinocchio faces many tough choices throughout the real Disney story and the same will have to be done in Lies of P.

One of the tough choices you will have to make in Lies of P is where you want to invest your Ergo, Quartz, and Legion Calibers. Luckily, none of these choices are permanent. If you made a decision with one of these that you aren’t completely sure was the correct choice, you can respec and start all over again if you want to. Don’t worry, when you respec, it doesn’t affect your progress in the story.

How to Respec in Lies of P?

Before you can respec, you need to progress to a certain point in the story. You will first need to do battle with Champion Victor. Victor is the boss that you will find at the end of the Grand Exhibition. Once you have put Victor in his place and have defeated him, you will meet Simon Manus. Mr. Simon Manus will give you a key that unlock the door that leads to you be able to respec your stats. Once you have the key, you can head to the door in which it unlocks. To find the door, you can use the video above as a reference.

Behind the door that you just unlocked is the Saintless of Mercy Statue. This statue is the key to respeccing your Ergo, Quartz, and Legion Calibers. You don’t have to refund all three of them if you don’t want. However, the choice is there for you if you would like to do that. Instead, you can pick and choose which ones you want to refund.

If you choose to respec any of these options, you must note that it is never free. It is going to cost you ten Gold Coin Fruit to refund any Ergo and Quartz and five Gold Coin Fruit to refund and Legion Calibers. These costs are just for the first time you use them. The more times you go to the statue to respec, the steeper the cost becomes. This is so that you don’t abuse this feature over and over again. So, when you are making a decision, make sure you think long and hard about it.

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