Mortal Kombat 1: Every Fatality and how to do them

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Mortal Kombat 1 is out now, serving as a reboot to the franchise timeline with Liu Kang’s reset of the hourglass. For some reason, this new, perfect universe involves killing still, so that of course means fatalities. Below, we have the guide for every single fatality for each playable and Kameo character. Alphabetical order for easy reference.  Get killin’!

Every character has one fatality automatically “unlocked” at the beginning of the game. You can see it by pausing during a fight to bring up the moves list. The second fatality is locked from showing up on the pause screen until you level up your profile to reach it. You can still, however, use that fatality at any time as long as you know the moves. That’s where I come in.

The below list has it all. For Kameo fatalities, simply do the listed combination and end with the Kameo button. This is RB on Xbox, R1 on PS5 and R on Switch. The numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 are described in the game. Basically, 1 and 2 are the top two buttons on your controller (X,Y and Square, Triangle) while 3 and 4 are A,B and X, circle.


1 –  down, forward, down , 2 (mid)

2 – down, down, back, 4 (mid)


1 – back, forward, down, 1 (close)

2 – forward, back, down, 4 (close)

General Shao

1 – back, forward, down, 1(mid)

2 – down, forward, back, 1(mid)


1 – forward, down, down, 4 (mid)

2 – down, forward, back, 1 (close)


1 – down, forward, down, 4(close)

2 – forward, back, down, 2(close)

Johnny Cage

1 – forward, back, down, 2(close)

2 – forward, down, back, 4(far)


1 – forward, down, down, 2(close)

2 – back, down, back, 1(mid)


1 – down, forward, down, 4(far)

2 – down, down, back, 4(close)

Kung Lao

1 – back, forward, back, 4(mid)

2 – back, down, down, 3(close)

Li Mei

1 – forward, back, forward, 3(close)

2 – back, forward, down, 4(close)

Liu Kang

1 – down, forward, back, 4(close)

2 – back, forward, back, 3(close)


1 – back, forward, back, 1(close)

2 – down, forward, back, 3(close)


1 – down, down, back, 1(mid)

2 – back, down, back, 4(far)


1 – back, forward, back, 2(close)

2 – down, forward, back, 1(far)


1 – down, down, back, 4(close)

2 – down, forward, back, 3(mid)


1 – down, down, back, 2(mid)

2 – back, down, down, 4(close)


1 – forward, back, down, 4(mid)

2 – forward, down, back, 3(close)


1 – down, forward, back, block(mid)

2 – back, forward, back, 2 (mid)

Shang Tsung

1 – back, down, down, 4(close)

2 – forward, down, back, 2(mid)


1 – down, back, down, 1(mid)

2 – back, forward, back, 2(far)


1 – back, forward, down, 1(any)

2 – down, forward, back, 2(any)


1 – forward, down, down, 2(any)

2 – forward, back, down, 4 close


1 – down, back, down, 3 close

2 – back, forward, down, 2 mid


Cyrax– forward, back, forward, kameo mid

Darrius– down, back, forward, kameo mid

Frost– back, down, back, kameo mid

Goro– back, forward, down, kameo close

Jax– down, forward, down, kameo far

Kano– back, down, forward, kameo mid

Kung Lao– forward, back, forward, kameo far

Motaro– forward, down, down, kameo mid

Sareena– back, down, back, kameo mid

Scorpion – down, forward, down, kameo mid

Sektor– back, forward, back, kameo mid

Shujinko– down, back, down, kameo mid

Sonya– back, forward, down, kameo mid

Stryker– forward, down, forward, kameo mid

Sub Zero– forward, down, forward, kameo mid

And there you have it, every single fatality in the game. Now, remember, there are still Brutalities for each character, but those have to be unlocked in order to perform them. You can not simply enter a button combination for these like the fatalities – sorry.

Mortal Kombat 1 is out on September 19, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC and Switch.