The three most helpful Starfield perks to pick up early in a playthrough

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Weight Lifting

The Weight Lifting perk is the final one on the list, yet early game it can be one of the most useful perks a player can pick up. For all the things that Starfield does well, the game has a very limited inventory system that sees both the player character and their ship over-burdened very quickly. As someone who likes to collect things in Bethesda games, having a way to alleviate this, at least a bit early on, became extremely important.

The Weight Lifting perk allows the player to quite simply carry more. Increasing the perk requires the player to run a certain amount of meters with their inventory filled to 75% or more capacity. This becomes quite easy to do as, like mentioned, ones carrying capacity is quite limited. Leveling this perk up becomes important for when you are looting structures, vessels or simply gathering resources to bring back to your ship. It is certainly something that retains its utility through ought the duration of one’s play-through.

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