The three most helpful Starfield perks to pick up early in a playthrough

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Starfield has been out for about a week now, and many of us have been diving head-first into the Settled (and not so settled) Systems that Bethesda has created for us to explore. The game offers a plethora of ways for the player to build ones character and explore/ interact with their environment, including quite a few skills/ perks for the player to choose from when building said character.

While I’m still quite early in my playthrough, there are a few perks and skills that I can safely say have been extremely useful, particularly in the early stages of the game when one is still getting the hang of everything Starfield throws at you at once. In particular, the three that have helped me out the most have been Boost Pack Training, Target Control Systems, and Weight Lifting. Each of these have had an exemplary amount of utility, so lets take a look at the argument for each:

Boost Pack Training:

Boost Pack Training is a perk that has been talked about a lot so far by those who’ve delved into Starfield, and it’s been one of the most important perks I’ve picked up since starting the game. Aside from making you feel like a clone jet trooper or pseudo-Mandalorian, the jet pack is the player’s primary mode of transportation outside of their ship.

Once a player starts exploring planets for resources, the lack of land-vehicles becomes painfully obvious very quickly. the boost pack ends up being a life-saver in these situations as the player is able to cover more ground by using it, but also gets a better view of the surrounding area when in the air. Getting an aerial view is particularly useful on plants that are mountainous or covered in a forest.

The boost pack has also been quite helpful in combat, especially in places where one can get the high ground on a crew of spacers. A recent encounter with pirates at an abandoned oil refinery exemplified this perfectly. By being able to jump up onto the old structures I was able to pick off most of the spacers from a distance, without sustaining much damage in return. All in all, its a useful perk that will likely retain it’s utility throughout the entirety of one’s play-through.