Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Mysterio revealed in new trailer

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Insomniac Games revealed a new trailer today for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and along with it came so exciting, blink and you’ll miss it reveals. Just as Insomniac Games usually does, a brand new villain got revealed and hardly anyone noticed. So, who was it, you asked? Well, take a look below.

The best part about this reveal is that it was not mentioned at all regarding a villain. Creative Director Bryan Inithar of Insomniac Games was breaking down the new additions to side quests and their corresponding icons around the city. He explains how the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man app in game will help you navigate your way to specific quests and even filter out ones you aren’t looking for at the moment. One of the ones he shows, which he dubs as “mysterious symbol projected into the sky”, is a colored icon above the city that is remarkably similar if not identical to that of Mysterio.  You can see it at 1:38 in the trailer below. Not to mention the fact the Insomniac chose their wording perfectly by saying “projected” because, as we know, that’s what Mysterio does by projecting false illusions.

In addition, as you can see in the trailer below, Inithar continues by saying “Others will lead to a climactic showdown with Marvel villains not yet seen in this universe.” At this exact time, which is at about 1:50 in the trailer, they show the same icon with Insomniac’s version of Mysterio (Quentin Beck) standing directly in front of it while reaching out to Miles. The timing of this, which coincides with the character wearing his classic purple colors, gives us our reveal of Mysterio.

It’s surprising that Insomniac keeps doing this though, to be honest. The story trailer revealed that Venom is a new person in the Spider-Man universe. You figure since this is the central part of the story that maybe Insomniac would have not spoiled it for us, but nope. Now, today, we get a brand new character revealed that we never knew was in it. This wasn’t done for the first game as Insomniac never spoiled in a trailer that Doc Ock was the bad guy. It wasn’t done for Miles Morales’ villain, but for some reason there are spoilers galore for Spider-Man 2. What are your thoughts on Mysterio and how he’ll factor into the story? Let us know below.

Spider-Man 2 releases on PS5 on October 20, 2023.