Super Mario RPG gameplay trailer reveals new abilities

Super Mario RPG. Artwork courtesy of Nintendo.
Super Mario RPG. Artwork courtesy of Nintendo. /

A brand new gameplay trailer was shown off at the latest Nintendo Direct this morning. It revealed new abilities and mechanics in this remastered version of the 1996 fan favorite game. We’ll have plenty to keep our hands full according to the trailer.

The first thing they show off is the addition of a new action mechanics system. This will serve as a time based attack where perfectly timed strikes will deal increased damage but also knock down all the enemies on the screen. These attacks will fill a special attack meter that will unlock a triple attack once it is at 100%. These attacks will let all three of your characters team up for a super move against the enemy. Nintendo reported that all attacks are based on the current characters in your team, and they will vary based on who’s in your party at the time.

The boss battles also got a pretty awesome update. You will be able to go back and attempt boss battles again once you beat the game’s main story. They will of course be harder to take down and basically function as Nintendo’s version of a New Game + for Super Mario RPG. We’ll have to wait until November 17 to get our hands on it, but it is available to pre-order now through the Nintendo E-shop.

Super Mario RPG is a fan favorite title and Mario’s only RPG adventure throughout his storied tenure. Players have been asking for this remake for a while, and we finally have our wish. Only two months left to go, and remember you also have Super Mario Bros. Wonder landing on October 20 to help stave off the excitement. What are you most looking forward to with this remake?

Let us know below. You can pre-order the game from the link here, and check out the trailer above.