Best skills in Starfield ranked

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When creating a new character in Starfield, you will be presented with a vast array of biographical backgrounds to choose from. It’s important to note that each experience will provide you with three distinct Starfield skills from the outset.

With over twelve unique experiences to choose from, including Combat Medic, Explorer, Long Hauler, Soldier, Space Scoundrel, and it’s crucial to select a background that matches your intended playstyle and equips you with the necessary skills to tackle challenges effectively.

You can invest a Skill Point to unlock the first Rank of any Skill, which you’ll earn each time you level up. Moreover, you can spend additional Skill Points to unlock further Ranks, each requiring its own Challenge to be completed before progressing.

To improve your Starfield skills, you must progress through four Ranks, each requiring a specific Challenge that involves completing a particular task several times. Once you complete the Challenge, you can spend an additional Skill Point to unlock the next Rank and improve your Starfield Skill. The new Rank will also offer a new Challenge.

To determine which Skills are ready to Rank up, simply check the Starfield skills menu and look for the ones that shimmer. It’s recommended to select Skills that complement your preferred playstyle, but there are also several useful Skills that can benefit any build. Certain Skills can be progressed by performing common activities such as shooting enemies with a particular type of weapon.

Important StarField Skills:

Early on, it’s important to consider grabbing these essential Skills, whether earned from your background or unlocked with Skill Points:

  1. Weightlifting: Increases carrying capacity Challenges require carrying 75% of body weight while running.
  2. Wellness: Using healing items is necessary to complete challenges that require you to maintain good health. Furthermore, grants are available to increase your health.
  3. Commerce: Buy items at a low price, sell for profit, and complete challenges by selling a specific number of items.
  4. Persuasion: Improves the likelihood of successfully persuading non-playable characters (NPCs). You will encounter challenges that require you to accomplish persuasion tasks.
  5. Scavenging: In order to overcome certain obstacles, individuals must engage in looting activities to acquire a diverse range of items.
  6. Ballistics or Lasers: Enhance your firepower by utilizing either projectile or laser-based weapons. You can prove your mettle by taking on challenges that require you to eliminate foes with specific ammo types.
  7. Any weapon certification of your choice: Choose from Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Heavy Weapons, and Sniper Certifications to increase damage with specific weapons. Certain Challenges require killing a set number of enemies with them.
  8. Medicine: Using healing items like Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits increases their effectiveness. Challenges require their use while wounded.
  9. Surveying: To increase the range of object scanning, it is recommended to adjust the zoom level of the scanner. In order to complete various challenges, it is necessary to scan a diverse range of resources, flora, and fauna.
  10. Boost pack training: As your rank increases, the fuel efficiency of your jetpack will also improve. In order to successfully complete combat challenges, it is necessary to utilize the boost pack a predetermined number of times.
  11. Security: This feature enables the user to select and unlock advanced locking mechanisms while increasing the number of automated attempts available. In order to complete these challenges, the user must successfully pick a designated number of locks.