How many homes can you own in Starfield?

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Residing within a space colony is an exhilarating and unique experience that is offered by Starfield’s houses. Ensuring the utmost safety for players, these houses are strategically situated in significant settlements. Not only do these living quarters provide a secure haven for players to reside in, but they also serve as a place of respite where they can rejuvenate and safeguard their prized possessions.

Enhance your creativity while playing the game by decorating your home with a wide range of furniture and cosmetic items. These items can be artfully arranged on various surfaces like desks, shelves, etc. To begin your decorating journey, activate the in-house editor located near the front entrance.

How to Get a House in Starfield

To obtain a house in Starfield, players must use in-game currency or complete quests to receive it as a reward. Additionally, they must become UC citizens, or they can choose the Dream Home trait to start the game with a fully equipped house.

How many houses are there in Starfield?

There are houses available in Starfield that can be unlocked by completing specific quests. These houses can be found in locations such as New Atlantis, Akila City, Nesoi, Neon, and more.

You need to know about all eight houses that are available in Starfield. Here is everything you need to know.

  1. The Wells Apartment in New Atlantis – 30,000 Credits.
  2. Sleepcrate in Neon – 6,500 Credits.
  3. The Sky Suite in Neon – 235,000 Credits.
  4. New Atlantis Penthouse –  Free Reward for completing the United Colonies Faction Storyline.
  5. Core Manor in Akila City – 78,000 Credits.
  6. Stretch Apartment in Akila City – 45,000 Credits.
  7. Dream Home in Nesoi – 125,000 Credits.
  8. Parents’ House in New Atlantis – Choose Kid Stuff trait and follow the main questline.

That’s everything we currently know about houses and properties in Starfield. For the latest news and guides, visit our Starfield page.