All romance options in Fae Farm ranked from worst to best

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2. Jack

Listen. LISTEN. The position for number one was really tough for me but I got my reasons. But let’s talk about why Jack is all the way up here.

First off, maybe I’m just biased but dude is rocking that capable dad bod. And he’s always keeping busy on the island and being social. He’s people who knows people and he’s capable. It’s what you want on an island community.

Also, I don’t know why, don’t judge me, but he looks like he’s the kind of person who goes out and works outside then comes in and magically smells fantastic. I don’t understand it.

But he also looks like he’s the kind of person that would judge you for not being active. Like, if you talked to him about Vtubers or something he’d just look so sad and his face would fill with regret and listen man, I’m lazy and Henya the Genius is amazing. Let me live.