All romance options in Fae Farm ranked from worst to best

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Fae Farm features a bunch of different characters on the island with you. Whether they be human or fairy, they all got something different about them. Out of all of them, six can also be romanced. It’s actually well fit into the story too as when you first start off you’re told that several of them just don’t have time because they’re working and I respect that.

I was a little bothered at first that you can build up a friendship with anyone on the island but can’t romance everyone but then I remembered this is the internet and I felt a sigh of relief because I’m scared already what artists are going to be doing with Neppy the Water Dragon.

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But there’s still six that are absolutely down for it. Let’s look at the six from worst to best and we’ll see where you stand.

6. Argyle

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Argyle is the island’s resident “short king” but listen, I don’t like him. First off, this is only the third Argyle I’ve ever heard of outside of the first Die Hard and Gundam Breakers.

But the big problem I have with Argyle is that he looks and sounds like a little boy and he spends most of his day sitting in the tavern just staring off into the middle distance.

This dude comes with baggage bigger than him and unless you need yourself a DIY project it’s probably best to stay friends.