Starfield: What is Quantum Essence and when should you use it?

Bethesda / Max Mallow
Bethesda / Max Mallow /

Quantum Essence Usage in Starfield is a critical aspect of your gameplay. This highly sought-after resource holds the power to revolutionize your in-game experience. When you acquire Quantum Essence, it becomes a game-changer in your journey through the cosmos. It significantly accelerates your Power regeneration, allowing you to recover strength rapidly.

Lasting for 60 seconds, Quantum Essence empowers you to unleash your Starborn abilities more frequently and at an accelerated pace. This newfound advantage can tip the scales in any cosmic battle, enabling you to repeatedly harness lower-cost abilities for dominance. For space adventurers looking to gain the upper hand against cosmic foes, Quantum Essence Usage in Starfield is an indispensable tool.

The Quantum Essence is not currently available in your regular inventory. However, it can be found in the Power menu, which will become accessible once you have completed some of the main story missions and unlocked Quantum Essence. Please note that your Quantum Essence inventory is located on the bottom left side of the Powers screen.

Where can I find Quantum Essence?

To get Quantum Essence, you need to defeat a Starborn enemy. When you do, they will vanish in a bright white light and won’t drop any other items. However, you will receive one Quantum Essence, which will be automatically added to your inventory. You can usually find Starborn enemies after completing a temple, as one will attack you after you leave. They can also be encountered while searching for later artifact pieces, but by then you’ll be visiting more temples than seeking artifacts.

How to use Quantum Essence:

When you check your powers menu, you will see a new addition located in the bottom left corner. Once you have obtained Quantum Essence, simply press the button located in the same spot to activate it. This will boost your power regeneration rate for a total of 60 seconds.

The regeneration rate of the power bar plays a crucial role in enhancing your power usage. A quicker regeneration rate enables you to utilize more powers within a minute, ultimately boosting your performance. The usefulness of this feature is subjective and largely dependent on the specific power you are utilizing.