Starfield: Every type of Boost Pack explained

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A major part of Starfield is planetary exploring. Early on, you’ll spend a lot of time sprinting across barren planets on your way to designated waypoints. And to be honest, it can get quite repetitive and boring. Planetary travel is at least made somewhat more exciting and tolerable through the addition of boost packs.

Once you unlock the Boost Pack Training skill, you gain the ability to use your boost pack, which is basically the Starfield equivalent of a jet pack. The Boost Pack is great for boosting across planets more quickly than sprinting as well as gaining an advantage in combat against enemies.

In addition to the four ranks of Boost Pack Training you can invest in, you’ll also notice there are different types of Boost Packs you can equip. There are four different Boost Packs in Starfield, each providing a different type of capability.

Basic Boost Pack

As the name suggests, this is the most basic of boost packs available and, quite honestly, it’s pretty bad. Even with your skill upgrades, the boost pack itself will barely provide any lift or forward thrusting.

Skip Capacity Boost Pack

The SKip Capacity Boost Pack provides 50% faster boost regeneration which is better than the Basic Boost Pack but still not great. It’s good on low-gravity planets, but it doesn’t elevate you high into the sky on regular gravity planets.

Balanced Boost Pack

The Balance Boost Pack gives you a balanced power output, providing you with nice amount of lift and forward momentum. This is probably the best type of Boost Pack to use when exploring planets.

Power Boost Pack

The Power Boost Pack gives you the best lift. You’ll only get one Boost, but you’ll go higher into the sky than any other pack in the game. While it may not be great for exploring since you can’t really thrust forward, it’s fantastic for combat as it allows you to easily flank enemies and boost out of any danger. It’s even more fun to use on low-gravity planets.