Starfield: 7 helpful tips to know before you play

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“Stealing” / taking items made easy

You can take pretty much anything in Starfield. If you happen to take something that doesn’t below to you, there is a chance you’ll get caught. You will know these items as it will say “Steal” instead of “Take” when they are highlighted.

If someone is looking at you, you’ll get caught and sent to jail (if you don’t fight your way out and create more problems). There is a trick, however.

You can use a melee weapon and hit the item to a spot the NPC can’t see you before you pick it up. You can also press and hold the “A” button on Xbox and it will allow you to move an item instead of simply grabbing it. Now, just move it to a spot around the corner or out of view and you can grab the items without “stealing” them.