Starfield: 7 helpful tips to know before you play

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Crafting help

There is a lot you can build and create in Starfield. Resources and materials, and a lot of them, will be needed to accomplish these tasks. Fortunately, there is a quick help to decrease the time needed greatly for you. The game tells you what materials and resources you need to build anything.

You can track any material needed from the craft menu for that specific item. Once you do that, these items will be highlighted for you in the game.

That means you won’t have to waste time picking up every item and can focus only on your needed resource. You should also upgrade your surveying skill if you are going to be crafting a lot. The higher levels let you see more of the “rare” materials from space along with their location on the planet. You’ll be able to land right near where they are and save time.

Of course, if you want to run all over the planet spamming your scanner instead, then, I mean, go right ahead.