Starfield: 7 helpful tips to know before you play

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Weapon, ammo and item quick save

There are twelve slots available for you to save “favorite” items in Starfield. Pressing any direction on the D-pad brings up the icon and allow you to switch without pausing and entering your inventory. Weapons are huge in Starfield as ammo management is very, very real.

What I did is keep my health at the bottom in the game’s pre-selected spot. I put ARs on the right side, the cutter and shot guns up top, and sniper/throwables on the left. The bottom two spots under my health I used for different suits and helmets. Some of these let me boost around quicker on the planet surface, so I would just swap them out, boost away, then swap back when I got to my location.

It’s much easier and practical then pausing to the menu and allows you to stay immersed in the fight.