5 beginner’s tips for a smooth trip through Fae Farm

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4. Don’t go big

While the game feels like it’s primary plot point is bringing your farm into a working state, it’s honestly not all that important. When I first started playing the game, I made a MASSIVE farm. I was like, “I need a 3×6 for Turnips, a 3×6 for Cauliflower, a 3×6 for Beans, a 4×4 for each type of flower and two of each animal like it’s a goddamned ark.” It sucked for me.

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Every time my character woke up, before I would go on any quests, I’d be watering 102 plots one at a time and then feeding, petting and brushing all four animals. Often, by the time I was done, it was already 11AM in in game time. And if I had to harvest things I could be there until 2-3PM because then I’d have to do something with the harvest crops to make them sellable, go into town and buy seeds to replace the crop, and then replant the seeds.

I started a second play-through (mostly for experimentation) and discovered that you can survive perfectly well with smaller crops. In fact, the perfect crop, I found, is a 3×3 grid. If you get (or make) a bunch of mana potions you can use an upgraded watering can to just water your entire 3×3 crop of veggies or flowers by simply holding Y. It’s fantastic. And as for the animals? You seriously don’t need them. I have NEVER needed eggs. Ever. Like there’s recipes that need them but no one specially needed something that needed eggs. Chill. Trust me, you got a BIG end game to play with your farm, save it for then, just do a little bitty farm and make that money with it.

3. Don’t go home

I was Chapter 3 years old when I realized something about Fae Farm. You are probably well aware of the fact that if you’re out past midnight the game will fade to black and your next day will start.

What took me until sometime in Chapter 3 to learn was that there is NO PENALTY for doing this. I was wasting so much time panicking at the end of every day and running home to make sure that I was back with enough time to get in bed. I WASTED SO MUCH TIME.

Seriously, if you’re in the dungeons mining ore or something like that and you hear the coyotes howl and get that message that it’s almost time to sleep, be like my kids and straight up ignore it for the next hour. You can use that time gathering resources or doing whatever and you’ll just go to bed.

There’s no penalty to your stamina. You don’t lose anything in your inventory. There is no punishment. It’s dope.