Armored Core VI: How to unlock online multiplayer

FromSoftware, Bandai Namco
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Armored Core VI has a great story and plenty of content that will keep you busy for plenty of hours. Even though the story is great and entertaining, you sometimes need a break from the grind. This may mean you want to check out the Armored Core VI online multiplayer. If you haven’t noticed an online multiplayer option, that could mean you haven’t progressed far enough into the Campaign to unlock it. Not every video game makes you unlock online multiplayer, but Armored Core VI does things differently.

How to unlock Online Multiplayer in Armored Core VI

Unlocking online multiplayer in Armored Core VI is not hard by any means. All you need to do to unlock the multiplayer is to progress past Chapter 2. The final mission in Chapter 2 is Mission 14: Ocean’s Crossing. Once you complete this mission, online multiplayer will automatically be unlocked, and you will get a message about The Nest. The Nest is where you will have the chance to play online games.

When you select The Nest, you will have the option to create your own lobby or join a session in progress. Whatever you decide to choose, you will have the choice to play 1v1 or 3v3. The 1v1 game mode will put you up against another random opponent. There are no respawns and it is the first to two wins, wins the match. If one round ends in a draw, it will count as a win for both players.

The 3v3 online game mode acts a little bit differently. In this mode three players are up against another three players. Each time you eliminate a member on the opposing team, you will get points for that. The longer you stay alive for, the more points you will be worth when you are defeated. If you have the most kills, you will also be worth more bonus points upon death. The team with the most points when the time limit expires will be declared the winner.

Obviously, a majority of Armored Core VI players are investing into this game for the main story. I don’t think there is anyone out there who purchased this game for just the multiplayer. However, sometimes you just need a change of pace, and that pace might just come in the form of online multiplayer.

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