Armored Core VI: How does the Impact Meter work?

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In Armored Core VI, you are going to come across your fair share of battles. Throughout the main story you will have tons of battles, throughout your many playthroughs of New Game Plus you will have many battles, and even in online multiplayer you will have tons of opponents to battle. One thing that makes these battles much easier to deal with is the Impact Meter. Mastering the art of the Impact Meter will make all these encounters much easier.

What is the Impact Meter?

Throughout your playthrough you may have noticed a meter above your Boost Gauge, and you may have even noticed one above the enemy’s health bar. These are the two locations you can find the Impact Meter. The goal is to make sure that your enemies Impact Meter fills all the way up and your meter doesn’t get filled.

Once you have filled the enemies Impact Meter all the way up, they will become “Staggered.” While the enemy is in this staggered state, they will be unable to move, and your attacks will deal much more damage. All you have to do to fill up your opponents Impact Meter is to make sure you keep landing successful attacks.

This may seem like a fairly easy concept, but you also have to look at this from the flip side. The Impact Meter above your Boost Gauge works the same way as the enemies. Once your meter fills up, you will also get “Staggered,” and you will have the same effects that the enemy was facing. The only benefit that you have over your enemies is that you are stunned for a much shorter period of time. However, this allows the enemy to do a lot more damage to you and will make combat much harder.

There is some strategy that this involves as well. There are weapons that you can equip that will do more Impact Damage to the enemy. All you need to do is pay attention to the weapon’s Impact Score. The higher the score, the more damage it will do for Impact Damage.

The same can be said about taking less Impact Damage as well. For this, you are going to need to improve your Attitude Stability. The more Attitude Stability you achieve, the harder it will be for the enemy to get you into that staggered state. There is also something called Attitude Recovery. This is how fast your Impact that you accumulated will decrease.

You can use all of these stats and information to your advantage. You can make it easier to fill your opponents Impact Meter and you can make it harder for the enemy to fill your Impact Meter. Once you have this mechanic mastered, your opponents won’t stand a chance against you.

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