Starfield: All 17 Traits explained

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"Occasionally, if you have crew trained in a certain ship system, that system will automatically repair itself to full health whenever it is damaged below 50%. However, all crew cost twice as much to hire."

If you plan to spend a lot of time in space, this is a fantastic trait since it repairs your ship’s systems to full health whenever they are below 50%. The price of your crew may sound expensive but you can earn credits fairly quickly.


"Someone put a price on your head, and word has spread. Occasionally, armed mercenaries will show up and try to kill you, but being cornered gives you an edge – when your health is low, you do extra damage."

With this trait, you’ll do more damage when your health is low, but it’s pretty risky as the bounty on your head will result in armed mercenaries showing up at random times. It’s a double-edged trait that can present an extra challenge at times.

These are all 17 Traits available to you in Starfield. As I mentioned, that add little wrinkles to your gameplay experience but don’t impact the overall story mode. Additionally, you are able to remove these traits while playing the game.

For the “Kid Stuff” trait, for example, you can tell your parents you will stop sending them payments. I didn’t do this but I assume they will stop sending you gifts in return.

I also tested and removed the Terra Firma and Empath traits at a local clinic in Neon. Removing a Trait is permanent and you don’t get to replace it with a new one.