Starfield: How to play early access with Xbox Game Pass

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The embargo is up and reviews for Starfield are out now (you can read ours here). In just a few hours, you’ll be able to dive into this year’s most anticipated game for yourself and journey the stars in search of answering mankind’s most pressing question.

While Starfield officially launches on September 6, early access actually begins today for those who own the Digital Premium Edition ($99.99) or the Constellation Edition. Making things a bit complicated is the fact that Starfield is an Xbox Game Pass title and will be free for all subscribers.

If you plan on playing Starfield for free through your Xbox Game Pass subscription, you’ll have to wait until September 6 to start. However, there is a way for you to join in on the early access period.

How to play Starfield early access with Xbox Game Pass

There’s no way to play Starfield early access for free through Xbox Game Pass. However, there is the option to upgrade from the Standard Edition (the version you get through Game Pass) to the Premium Edition.

The Starfield Premium Edition Upgrade is available on Xbox Series X|S and the Microsoft Store. If you’re a Game Pass member, all you have to do is pay the $34.99 upgrade cost. Doing so will not only get you early access but also all of the extra bonuses that come with the Premium Edition, like the Shattered Space Story Expansion (when it releases), the Constellation Skin Pack (Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet and Boost Pack), and access to the Starfield Digital Artbook and Original Soundtrack.

Paying this fairly reasonable upgrade price, which is simply the difference between the two editions, is the only way you can get early access to Starfield if you are a Game Pass member. This will work on both Xbox and PC.