Starfield: Best Starting Traits for your first playthrough

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Not everyone is a fan of space combat but there are definitely times where you’re forced to do it. Taskmaster provides the amazing benefit of having your hired crew members automatically repair a damaged system to full health whenever it falls below 50%. This can be a huge lifesaver in dangerous situations. The catch is that your crew will cost twice as much to hire, but Credits are fairly easy to come by.

Alien DNA

Health and oxygen (stamina) are incredibly important in Starfield. Health, obviously, allows you to take more damage, while oxygen lets you spring for longer periods of time. Alien DNA grants you increased health and oxygen which is super beneficial, especially early on when you haven’t had a chance to invest skill points to increase them naturally. The best part about Alien DNA is the oxygen as planets in Starfield are massive. Sprinting allows you to explore them much more quickly.