Starfield: Which Background (Class) is best for you?

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Do you prefer stealth or persuasion?

If you’re not necessarily the fighting type, there are other ways to play Starfield and accomplish your goals. The game offers both stealth and persuasion as ways to deal with certain situations.

Stealth Backgrounds

If you prefer the stealth route, then the Cyber Runner could be perfect with you. This starts you off with the Stealth skill, which unlocks the ability to sneak (you get a Stealth Meter) and take out enemies with silenced weapons. The Cyber Runner also comes with the Security skill, which lets you hack Advanced locks, and Theft, giving you increased pickpocketing.

The Gangster and Ronin backgrounds also have skills that help you with stealth and stealing.

Persuasion Backgrounds

Sometimes you can talk your way out of a sticky situation. The Diplomat comes with the Persuasion skill, which increases your chance of success when trying to persuade someone. It also comes with the Commerce skill, which can save you some credits early on as you buy items for less and sell them for more.

There are a couple of other backgrounds that also offer persuasion right off the bat, including Space Scoundrel, Industrialist, and Sculptor.