Can I Play Starfield on Xbox One?

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Bethesda Game Studios, the creators of Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, will soon unleash their first universe in 25 years: Starfield. This space adventure has robust character and ship customization, many explorable planets, and compelling combat. No wonder it’s one of the most anticipated titles of the year.

With the early access release and the official launch date around the corner, Xbox One players want to know if they can enjoy Starfield on their consoles.

Can I Play Starfield on Xbox One?

Xbox One owners can play the space RPG when it arrives on Sept. 6. However, these players have to jump through a few hoops to get the game. Xbox One players can only play Starfield via an Xbox Game Pass membership. More specifically, they’ll need to buy the Ultimate subscription for $16.99 a month. This membership allows Xbox One players to play Starfield through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

There’s a reason why it’s so complicated for Xbox One gamers to get a hold of Starfield. Bethesda labeled the game as a title for next-gen consoles, and the Xbox One is considered a last-gen platform. As a result, Starfield will only be available for separate purchase on Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Xbox App for PC, and Steam.

Though the extra steps are a hassle, signing up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate could be a great deal. You would pay one low price instead of paying the full $70 to play the RPG. If you finish Starfield in one month, you’ll save about $53. You’ll also gain access to more games on console, PC, and cloud until they leave the Xbox Game Pass library. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Forza Horizon 5, and Grand Theft Auto V are a few popular titles currently on Game Pass.

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