The ultimate guide to Wayfinder Early Access


In this brilliant and fun MMORPG by Airship Syndicate and the developers at Digital Extremes, we are reminded that even the most shattered worlds can be restored. With its rich lore, plots, characters, and gameplay features, Wayfinder offers a complex, layered, and deeply engaging experience for everyone.

Let’s take a look at what the realms of Evenor have to offer and unearth the magic, and chaos, that awaits us.

About Wayfinder

The once-thriving world of Evenor is in complete chaos. As a Wayfinder, you wield the power to control the evil forces known as The Gloom, which have spread in such magnitudes that they’ve come to consume the world. Work together with your friends or tackle the challenge solo in this expansive online environment full to the brim with customizable adventures.

Meet the family

Wayfinders are warriors born of the Gloom who fight to restore the balance of their broken world by using arcane magic, mystical tech, or cunning weapons. There are 6 in total thus far, and they have different strengths and weaknesses.


  • Role: Damage over Time/Healer
  • Background: a deadly spy hailing from a mysterious labyrinthine world known as the Maze. Her poisons have influenced the course of history.
  • Current situation: with the Maze and Empire swallowed by the Gloom, she has joined the Seekers as a survivor in a new war against the darkness.


  • Role: defense/Healer
  • Background: a templar equipped in spell-forged armor, sustained by his deep-rooted faith in the mystical Architects.
  • Personality: a natural leader and true champion; committed to defending the innocent and battling evil.


  • Role: Damage over Time/Crowd Control
  • Background: born into a family of smugglers, Silo learned to be swift and precise. He has a history of challenging tyrants.
  • Personality: loves challenges and thrives when the odds are against him; now battles the Gloom with his skills.


  • Role: DPS/Mobile
  • Background: a member of the ancient Deep Eldren race, which was nearly wiped out by the malevolent Precursors.
  • Personality: cold, detached, and focused solely on vengeance against the Precursors; has little care for humanity but is allied with the Seekers to fulfill her vendetta.


  • Role: Defense/Crowd Control
  • Background: once the greatest gladiator in the Imperial Arena, she hails from the Dominion of the Seven Winds and is the last of the Iron Sisters.
  • Weapons: commands both storm and steel to demolish her enemies.


  • Role: burst DPS/Caster
  • Background: the last survivor of a forgotten civilization, transformed into a being of pure mystical energy.
  • Mission: dedicated to preventing the Gloom from destroying what’s left of the world.

Character customization options

  • Dye system: customize your Wayfinder with a robust dye system.
  • Skins and flair: unlock various skins and flair items during your adventures to make your Wayfinder unique.

Weapons available and additional gear

  • Sword and shield: balanced approach for both offense and defense against the Gloom.
  • Dual blade: wield a blade in each hand and parry enemy attacks with precision and speed.
  • Rifle: ideal for long-range support; stop beasts before they get close.
  • Two-handed melee: sacrifice defense for powerful, wide blows that deal heavy break damage.
  • Echoes: unique creature essences to enhance your stats and abilities.
  • Affinities: upgradeable passive class bonuses in three archetypes
  • Recipes: allows you to craft elixirs for a variety of combat boosts.

Dungeon features: Lost Zones

Lost Zones are unpredictable dungeons generated form chaos of the Gloom. Far from the rigidity of our physical universe, these zones are like shifting sands, never the same layout twice. The Gloom Dagger is the key to these otherworldly realms – infuse the blade with specialized Mutators, and watch as the Lost Zone molds itself in response, revealing an ever-changing labyrinth of mystery and danger.

Don’t be fooled—these zones are more than mere space. They are echoes of places long swallowed by the Gloom, existing in a reality that defies time and conventional dimensions.


Venturing into a Lost Zone without the right Imbuements is just asking for trouble. These special consumables do more than accessorize your Gloom Dagger. Apply an Imbuement, and your subsequent Expedition or Hunt becomes a completely different and unpredictable. Maybe you’ll have to dodge spontaneously appearing fire bombs or navigate around toxic pools left by vanquished enemies. Though they crank up the difficulty level, Imbuements are also your ticket to turbo-charged XP gains and spicy rewards. From treasure chests to enemy drops, to crafting and activity bonuses, Imbuements are as diverse in origin as they are in effect. And as your character becomes more powerful, so does your Gloom Dagger’s capacity for multiple Imbuements. Stack them up to curate your own high-risk, high-reward Lost Zone adventures.

Party and combat strategies

  • Team Composition: build a versatile team by focusing not just on character types but also on individual player builds.
  • Resource Management: limited healing flasks and unique boss mechanics  all for smart resource allocation and good timing.

The open world


– Discover dozens of handcrafted landmarks, each adding to your player codex.

Public Events

– From Gloom Meteors to World Bosses, engage in public events requiring team collaboration.


– Undertake a variety of quests for story progression, new loot, and unlocking game mechanics.

How to Boost Your Power Level

As you venture into the realm of Wayfinder, the first order of business should be beefing up your gear, and there’s no better way to do this than through the Affinity System. As you level up, you’ll earn points in three key areas: instinct, discipline, and focus. These aren’t just abstract terms – they provide real boosts to your equipment’s power. But it doesn’t stop there. The system grants you passive points that imbue your character with game-changing buffs, and you can even customize your weapons with enhancements. But remember, raw power is useless without skill, so leveling up your Wayfinder is crucial. For that extra edge, make use of echoes obtained by defeating monsters and an assortment of consumables and accessories to amplify your prowess.

Now, let’s talk about the holy grail of leveling up your affinity: Gloom Stones. This coveted currency is what you’ll need to make significant strides in boosting your equipment. But how do you get your hands on them? The answer lies in expeditions, specifically those that teem with goblins. Trust me, these critters are your ticket to amassing Gloom Stones – they tend to drop 10 or more at a time. Key expeditions to target include Undercroft in sphere 1 & 2, and The Bloodworks, also in sphere 1 & 2. And don’t worry about gathering entire Gloom Stones right away, you’ll often collect shards that can later be crafted into full-fledged stones. Once you’ve gathered enough, you’ll be primed to supercharge your leveling up journey.

Housing system

Imagine having an apartment as your sanctuary, a haven between epic adventures. With a user-friendly grid-snap system, personalizing your space becomes a game in itself.

Say goodbye to dull rooms and hello to a lively abode brimming with bookshelves, elegant tables, eye-catching light fixtures, and cozy rugs. These delightful decor items are unlocked as you ascend the Reward Tower, infusing your home with a sense of achievement. But it’s not just aesthetics – your apartment serves as a strategic base where Artifacts and Trophies earned in-game can be displayed, granting you gameplay enhancements for your upcoming adventures.

Even Wayfinders need a loyal companion to greet them after a long day of questing – so you get a pet. For now, your pet will watch over your apartment, but future updates promise more interaction.

Looking ahead, the housing experience in Wayfinder will be looking to Ievolve into full-fledged Neighborhoods. Imagine owning a plot of land, customizing your house from the floor up, and even becoming neighbors with your friends. Future plans also include Neighborhood quests, shared buffs from Artifacts, and even Guild Neighborhoods.

Seasons and Rewards

– Each season introduces a new Wayfinder and additional content.
– The Reward Tower offers an evolved form of the modern Battle Pass, offering a plethora of permanent rewards.

Social and Multiplayer

Wayfinder dives deep into the world of Player vs. Environment (PvE), offering an immersive and challenging experience that thrives on exploration, teamwork, and strategy. While the door isn’t entirely closed on Player vs. Player (PvP) action, the developers are taking a considered approach, insisting that PvP elements, if introduced, must be well-integrated into the game’s existing ecosystem and not merely an added feature to tick a box.

The game is fully playable solo but amplifies its challenge when you venture into its more daunting realms, nudging you toward cooperative gameplay. Groups in Wayfinder are designed for a trio—no more, no less. This isn’t an arbitrary number – it’s a carefully considered decision shaped by the game’s third-person action camera and the desire for readability in chaotic battles. With only three players, each adventurer can have a distinct and crucial role, creating a balanced and synergistic team. However, the game may tweak this formula in the future, especially for nail-biting end-game content where larger groups could add another layer of strategy and excitement.

So, whether you’re a solo adventurer or a party warrior, Wayfinder promises an experience worth every moment. Gear up, step into Evenor, and restore the balance of a broken world.