Armored Core VI: How to unlock every ending

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How to get the Alea lacta Est Ending?

If you have gotten the past two ending up above, you might as well try to beat Armored Core VI one more time to get the last ending. You made it this far already; you might as well go for the Triple Crown. Also, you can only achieve this ending on your third playthrough, so don’t try and get this ending on your first or second playthrough.

Missions you need to complete to get the Alea Lacta Est Ending

  1. During Attack the Dam Complex in Chapter 1 you must choose “Accept.”
  2. Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  3. Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  4. Coral Export Denial (Chapter 4)
  5. Eliminate V.III (Chapter 4)

For players who like a “True Ending,” this is the ending you are going to want to achieve. It is a long time coming to get to this ending, but it is well worth it if you can pull it off. Since you need to beat the game twice in order to go for this ending, this is the hardest ending to achieve in Armored Core VI. There are also some exclusive missions that are available the third time through and some of these can be really tough.

If you have gotten all three endings, you have successfully unlocked every ending that Armored Core VI offers. Pulling this off will make you a true hardcore fan of the Armored Core franchise and you will have got the most out of your Armored Core VI experience. Not everyone is ready for a second playthrough of Armored Core VI, but when you are, you will now have all the tools on how to unlock the alternate endings.

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