Armored Core VI: How to unlock every ending

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How to get the Liberator of Rubicon Ending?

After the disappointing ending of the Fires of Ravens, you will want to achieve another ending most likely. Maybe it will be the Liberator of Rubicon Ending. This ending also requires that you choose a specific set of missions to complete so that you can get to the correct final mission.

Missions you need to complete to get the Liberator of Rubicon Ending

  1. Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech (Chapter 3)
  2. Destroy the Special Forces Craft (Chapter 3)
  3. Ambush the Vespers (Chapter 4)
  4. Eliminate “Cinder” Carla (Chapter 5)

If this is your first playthrough of Armored Core VI, all you need to do is the following steps above. If you are playing through this on New Game Plus, there is one additional step you need to complete. When you get to the “Attack the Dam Complex” mission, you are going to need to select “Refuse” when the option is presented to you.

The Liberator of Rubicon Ending is considered the “Good Ending.” You will feel much more like a hero by choosing this ending and you will feel a lot better than the Fires of Ravens ending. However, it is not mandatory to get this ending if you don’t feel like it.