Armored Core VI: How to unlock every ending

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Armored Core VI is off to a hot start. The latest installment in the Armored Core franchise came out less than a week ago and that means you may or may not be coming to the end of your journey depending on how much you have grinded. Luckily, once you complete the Armored Core VI Campaign, you have the chance to play through the game again, but this time on New Game Plus. You don’t have to choose to playthrough Armored Core VI again, but by doing so, you have the ability to unlock an alternate ending that was different from your first playthrough.

Armored Core VI features three alternate endings that you can achieve. Only one ending can be achieved per playthrough. Meaning that if you are looking to unlock all three endings, you are going to have to go through and beat Armored Core VI at least three times. Achieving these endings requires a lot of decision making. Luckily, we have all the information you need in order for you to make the right choice and get the desired ending you are looking for.

How to get the Fires of Ravens Ending?

Like I mentioned before, you are going to have to make very specific decisions throughout the game in order to get the ending you want. You are going to come across Decision Missions, and this is where you will have to make specific decisions to reach your desired ending. You will know it is a decision mission because it will be stated so in the mission description.

Missions you need to complete to get the Fires of Ravens Ending

  1. Tunnel Sabotage (Chapter 3)
  2. Eliminate the Enforcement Squads (Chapter 3)
  3. Intercept the Redguns (Chapter 4)
  4. Intercept the Corporate Forces (Chapter 5)

If you choose the missions above, you will get the Shut Down the Closure Satellites as your last mission. Upon completing this final mission, you will unlock the Fires of Ravens Ending. This ending is considered the “Bad Ending.” You are most likely not going to be happy with this ending and it is going to leave you wanting a different ending. That is the point of this ending. Luckily, there are two other endings you can achieve that may satisfy your Armored Core VI experience a little better.