NHL 24: Predicting the highest rated players at every position

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Highest Rated Right Defenseman in NHL 24

  • Cale Makar (COL)
  • Adam Fox (NYR)
  • Erik Karlsson (PIT)
  • John Carlson (WSH)
  • Charlie McAvoy (BOS)

Congrats on Erik Karlsson reaching 100-points last season. That is a milestone that doesn’t come too often for Defensemen. Erik Karlsson became only the sixth defensemen ever to reach that mark. It was a good accomplishment, but I don’t think this late in Karlsson’s career he should be the number one overall Right Defenseman. At 33 years old, his speed is not what it once was, and it is going to be hard to put up those type of numbers again.

Adam Fox, John Carlson, and Charlie McAvoy are all great defensemen as well, but can we really go against Cale Makar in this situation? I don’t think so. In my opinion, Cale Makar is the best defenseman in the NHL. He is one of the best skaters in the NHL, maybe even second behind McDavid. His hands are silky smooth, he makes playing defense look like a piece of cake, and he is only 24 years old. Cale Makar still hasn’t reached his prime of his career yet, which is actually really scary to think about what is still yet to come.

Cale Makar is also the NHL 24 Cover Athlete. This shouldn’t make a difference in terms of his overall, but it proves to how big he has become. Getting the Cover Athlete honor isn’t easy to do, and EA chooses players who are young, electric, and exciting to watch. Cale Makar and the Colorado Avalanche has a large fan base behind them and because of that, Makar is going to get a lot of well-deserved votes.

Voting on the top players at every position is an exciting twist EA Sports is throwing our way. It truly means that if a player has a strong enough backing, they can become the number one rated player this year. It should be interesting to see how the vote falls. If you want your voice heard, make sure you get your votes in now! Every vote matters! EA Sports is also doing the same thing for the women athletes in NHL 24. You can vote for the women at each position, just like you can the men. Once the votes are revealed, we will officially know who the highest rated player at every position in NHL 24 is.

Pick: Cale Makar (COL)

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