NHL 24: Predicting the highest rated players at every position

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Highest Rated Left Defenseman in NHL 24

  • Roman Josi (NSH)
  • Victor Hedman (TBL)
  • Rasmus Dahlin (BUF)
  • Quinn Hughes (VAN)
  • Miro Heiskanen (DAL)

When you take a look at the five candidates for Left Defensemen, there are a few names that stick out. Roman Josi, Victor Hedman, and Miro Heiskanen are the favorite to earn the honor of number one this year. All three of these athletes play their position at an elite level and the highest overall rating for a Left Defenseman can go to either of them. Last year Roman Josi (#1) and Victor Hedman (#2) were to two highest overalls with a 93 overall. The next highest was Devon Toews (#3) at an 88 overall. The drop between #2 and #3 was five points. This year I think the drop off from number 2 to number 3 will only be a point or two.

Victor Hedman is my choice. Roman Josi is a great defender who was coming off a career high 96-point season the year previous. That is why his overall was so inflated. Don’t get me wrong, Roman Josi is one of the best defenders in the NHL. However, he took a big statistical decline where I see his overall dropping a bit.

On the other hand, you got Miro Heiskanen. Miro Heiskanen is one of the best scoring defensemen on this list and should see a massive increase in overall in NHL 24. Miro Heiskanen was the fifth highest rated Left Defenseman in NHL with an 88 overall. Anything less than a 90 overall this year would come as a bit of a surprise figuring that he had the best season of his NHL career so far last year.

Victor Hedman is not a shoe in to be the best Left Defensemen every year, but at least for this year it makes sense. If Miro Heiskanen can keep up the upward trajectory that we have seen in his young career so far, he will eventually make his way to number 1. However, I still think Victor Hedman is one of the most complete Defensemen on this list and has two Stanley Cup Championships, a Conn Smythe Trophy, and a Norris Trophy to back him up.

Pick: Victor Hedman (TBL)