NHL 24: Everything to know about the new Total Control

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A few weeks ago, we knew very little about NHL 24. In the past week alone, EA Sports has filled us in with a lot of information that is getting us ready for NHL 24. Thanks to the NHL 24 reveal trailer, we know a lot of new features coming to the franchise. One of the new features that really stuck out from the reveal trailer was the introduction of a brand-new controller layout.

The new controller layout is called Total Control and the layout is obviously available for both offense and defense. The reveal trailer touched on this new feature briefly, but I am going to dive into this layout a little bit more to help you get a better understanding at what this new controller layout will bring to the table.

Total Control Controller Layout

The Total Control Controller Layout is being added into NHL 24 to simplify some of the harder to pull off moves in the game. Complex dekes such as the Michigan, the One-Handed Tuck, and even the Between the Legs shot can all be completed just by the press of a single button.

I do not see a lot of competitive or professional NHL players using this layout. Instead, this layout will be more for players who want to just have a little bit of fun and see what moves they can pull off in a real game.

Each player can perform any of the dekes listed, but some of them can do it better than others based off of their deking and player stats. Someone will a higher deking and player rating can pull of the Michigan better than someone who isn’t that high of an overall.

You will also be able to play defense in a more simplified manner, by just pressing certain buttons. This can make your experience a lot simpler, but the Skill-Stick layout will allow you to play defense more competitively.

While we are talking about simplicity, I should also mention that NHL 24 will feature the new Icon Passing System. Icon Passing allows you to target members on your team for a pass by just pressing a button. If your Center is breaking up the ice and they are programmed to the “Y” button, all you have to do is press “Y” to pass the puck to your breaking Center and lead them into the offensive zone.

Once again, this Icon Passing simplifies the game as you don’t have to aim and pass with the Skill-Stick. Instead, the game just does it for you.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of this new controller layout comes the departure of a couple of other controller layouts. NHL 24 will be removing the NHL 94 layout and the Hybrid Layout. The Total Control Layout will be replacing both of those other layouts. If you were someone who used NHL 94 or Hybrid controls, there is going to be a bit of a learning curve to adjust to the Total Control layout or the Skill-Stick layout.

Yes, the Skill-Stick layout will still be returning to NHL 24. I know a majority of NHL gamers choose the Skill-Stick layout over the NHL 94 or the Hybrid controls, but now you don’t have much of a choice. You either roll with the Skill-Stick or the Total Control layout.

The Total Control layout is definitely going to change the way gamers play NHL 24. It adds a whole new aspect to the game, especially in the deking department. I do think that more players than not will gravitate towards the Skill-Stick controls, but the Total Controls will be an option if you want to experiment a little bit. You never know, you might actually find a liking to the Total Control layout after a while.

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