NHL 24: What’s new in World of Chel this year?

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Battle Pass

In NHL 23 and before that, you would earn Hockey Bags that would grant you with World of Chel rewards. These Hockey Bags would vary in rarity and contain rewards that you could deck out your players with. This Hockey Bag mechanic is no longer going to be a thing going forward in NHL 24 and beyond. Instead, this feature would be replaced by the Battle Pass.

It was only going to be a matter of time before the Battle Pass made its way into the NHL franchise. Almost every single video game now a days contains some sort of a Battle Pass and NHL 24 is going to be no different.

Just like nearly every Battle Pass, the NHL 24 Battle Pass will offer a Free and Premium option. You will be able to earn rewards such as new gloves, jerseys, helmets, hockey sticks, celebrations, banners, and so much more. All the rewards you would have otherwise earned with Hockey Bags will now be earned through the Battle Pass. There will also be a new Battle Pass with every new season.

World of Chel Store

One of the last things the World of Chel reveal trailer touched on was the World of Chel Store. The World of Chel Store will have items that you may be looking for that you can buy outright with World of Chel Coins. This may be for your club or your own player. If there is a certain item you want but haven’t gotten it yet, you can always check the World of Chel Store to see if you can just buy it outright.

At the end of the trailer, it was mentioned that most of the items that you purchase will carry over into NHL 25. This is a big win. It doesn’t appear that you will be able to purchase anything that would give you advantages in NHL 24 itself. It appears that this will just focus solely on cosmetics. Plus, not losing most of the items that you purchase when NHL 25 comes around will give players a lot more incentive to purchase certain items knowing that they won’t be lost in a year.

That is everything new coming to NHL 24 World of Chel this year. In just a short trailer, there was a lot to unpack. There are a lot of new features that are going to make World of Chel a whole lot better and that is what EA Sports was aiming for this year. Out of all the new features that we broke down, which are the ones that you are most excited to use for yourself?

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