NHL 24: What’s new in World of Chel this year?

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EASHL Playoffs have been improved

The EASHL Playoffs are going to look a whole lot different in NHL 24 and will resemble what the real NHL Playoffs look like. In order to win the EASHL Playoffs, you are going to have to win 4 best-of-7 games series.

This doesn’t mean you are going to be playing one EASHL Club in a 7 games series, but instead playing 4 seven game series against different Clubs. For example, let’s say you are beginning your first best-of-7 games series. In your first four games you might play four different teams and you might end up with a 3-1 record in those four games. That means in the remaining 3 games in the 7-game series, you just need to win one more time to advance to the second 7 game series. This means you will need to win 16 times before you are crowned champions of EASHL.

This is going to make winning a championship a much harder yet rewarding grind. However, this also means that each game you play in the Playoffs series is going to carry a lot more weight and mean that much more.

New Casual 3v3 Game Mode

There is going to be a new 3v3 Casual Game Mode that you can play in World of Chel. This game mode is not considered competitive and will not go against your Clubs ranking. You can play this mode to help out with some team chemistry, maybe test out players at different positions, and work towards leveling up the Battle Pass. This is the game mode you can take risks with because it has no competitive effect on your team.

Improved Creation Zone

If you are a fan of customization, then you are going to be happy with this improvement in NHL 24. The Creation Zone has been condensed to feature less menu screens. Everything you need to create your skater will be on one screen. This is going to help you create your skater much quicker and get you on the ice much quicker.

You will also be able to create NHL player presets. This will allow you to create multiple skaters so that you can change them whenever you like. If you find yourself liking to switch up the way your player looks like, but you don’t want to lose your current character, you can create multiple presets so that you can return to any of your created characters whenever you want.