NHL 24: What’s new in World of Chel this year?

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You shouldn’t be shocked to find out that World of Chel will be returning to NHL 24 this year. World of Chel is one of EA Sports NHL’s biggest game modes in the franchise and they are hoping to prove that this year is the most dynamic year for the game mode to date. EA Sports just released the NHL 24 World of Chel reveal trailer and there is lot to unpack as for what is to come this year.

World of Chel will feature Crossplay

The NHL 24 World of Chel reveal trailer kicked off with one of the most talked about features in this year’s game and that is Crossplay. Crossplay will be available for Hockey Ultimate Team and across all World of Chel game modes.

This Crossplay feature will allow you to play with gamers across the same console generation as you. All Xbox Series X|S players will be able to play World of Chel with PlayStation 5 players if they so choose. However, you will not be able to play with players on different console generations (Xbox One can’t play with PlayStation 5 users).

EA Sports is expanding the Crossplay that we saw in NHL 23 and making it even better in NHL 24. This feature is going to allow more flexibility with your friends and make the wait times a lot shorter.