Starfield embargo: Here’s when reviews for Bethesda’s blockbuster game go live

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If you’ve been on social media at all today, you’ve probably seen that review copies for Starfield have gone live. Bethesda’s highly anticipated blockbuster is set for release next month with early access kicking off on September 1st, a few days before its global release on September 6th.

Starfield is shaping up to be this year’s biggest game. After years of anticipation and build-up, it’s finally almost here.

Of course, as we’ve seen in the past, not every blockbuster lives up to expectations. Starfield introduces the first new universe in over 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios. Naturally, that could come with a bit of skepticism or hesitancy. Maybe you’re waiting to see how reviews shake out before you commit to exploring this brand-new RPG. So how long will you have to wait?

When does the embargo for Starfield lift?

Bethesda is so confident in their game that they’ve already sent out review codes for Starfield. I’m happy to say that we have received one and are just now journeying through the stars. Starfield is a massive game so for Bethesda to send out codes weeks in advance of its release is a good sign, no doubt.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer until we can talk more about the game.

All coverage, including initial impressions and full reviews — as well as livestreaming — is embargoed until Thursday, August 31. The embargo will life at 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. PT, so expect to be bombarded with a massive amount of coverage.

Starfield release date and platforms

As I mentioned, Starfield releases globally on September 6 but early access for thsoe who pre-ordered the Digital Premium Edition, Digital Premium upgrade or Constellation Edition of Starfield allows you to jump into the game five days early on Friday, September 1. As a reminder, Starfield will only be available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Pre-loading has already begun.