Madden 24 Superstar Mode: How to retake the Combine Interview

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Madden 24 is out this week and returning to the game is the popular Superstar Mode. In this RPG-like game mode, you are able to live out your dreams as an NFL Superstar.

Your journey in Superstar Mode begins with you as a Rookie entering the NFL Draft. In addition to the playable NFL Combine mini-games, you’ll take part in a Combine Interview.

In this portion of the Combine, the media will put your NFL knowledge to the test. The media will ask you 10 time-sensitive, multiple-choice football-themed trivia questions. Like your performance in the mini-games, your score in the Combine Interview could determine your draft position. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher you may rise on draft boards.

After the 10 questions are asked, you’ll see how many you answered correctly. However, you won’t know which ones were correct and which were wrong.

How to redo the Combine Interview in Madden 24

Unfortunately, there’s no in-game option to retake your Combine Interview; however, there is a workaround so that you can redo it.

If you sense you’re not doing well or maybe there’s a question you didn’t know, you can close Madden 24 during the actual interview. This will allow you to reload the game and restart the interview. Make sure you do this during the interview or before you move past the results screen. If you continue past the results, the game will auto-save and lock in your interview results.

It should be noted that there is a fairly large pool of interview questions that are randomly drawn from, so there’s no way to to guarantee you’ll be asked the same ones if you take the Combine Interview again. And because you only see your final score and not the specific questions you answered correctly (or wrong), there’s no way of knowing for certain which ones you got right. If you want a perfect score, the best option before taking the Combine Interview is to pull up a guide with all the right answers.

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Remember, the Combine Interview is only a part of your overall pre-draft performance so don’t worry too much if you don’t get a perfect score. You’ll still be drafted to a team in the biggest need of your position based on team needs prior to the 2023 NFL Draft. If you want to pre-determine which team you go to, you can override the settings in the initial League set-up and skip the draft process entirely.