Official Pokemon website hints at mysterious new 19th Tera Type

Nintendo / The Pokemon Company
Nintendo / The Pokemon Company /

Recently there was a new Pokemon Direct that showcased a slew of upcoming things for the various Pokemon games. It showcased things for Unity, Cafe, Masters EX, Go, as well as Scarlet and Violet.

Apparently that wasn’t all the info that they had though as recently new information, not mentioned in the video, has been surfacing on the official Pokemon website. Most of them are fairly obvious messages like reminding people that certain Pokemon appearing in the upcoming DLC will be version exclusive, like Gligar and Aipom.

But there was one thing in particular that really caught my attention. In an article titled “A Nineteenth Tera Type Has Been Discovered!

Not a lot of information was revealed here but it does show something rather interesting.

Pokemon-DLC-19th-Tera-Type /

It shows the icon for the 19th Tera Type and it’s a rainbow colored icon of something that resembles a turtle shell. Most likely in relationship to the new legendary Pokemon of the 2nd DLC, Terapagos.

No info has revealed anything yet, but it’s definitely fun to speculate what it could mean. Because even the Tera Blast gets that fun little icon.

Pokemon-DLC-19th-Tera-Type-2 /

My theory? I feel like, given the nature of Terapagos, terastallizing into this for will possibly make you type-less. No weaknesses, no strengths, just attacks hitting you based off their base state (with maybe a bit of a defense boost).

As for the Tera Blast maybe it will actually achieve a type-less attack. Something that just hits based off the attack stat without involving any sort of environmental type. Just hitting with the base stats alone.

As for now though, all we can do is speculate as the second part of the DLC known as the Indigo Disk, doesn’t drop until winter of this year so who knows when they’ll finally clarify what happens of what it’s going to look like (though a big ol’ turtle shell hat would be adorable) but we’ll see. Stay tuned!

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