Animal Crossing LEGO Sets Leaked: Price, Release Date, Sets

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Nintendo has been dabbling into LEGO figures for a while. Some fan favorites are the Nintendo Entertainment System SetDonkey Kong Tree House Expansion Set, and Mighty Bowser Set.

Animal Crossing lovers have been begging for sets, and their wish may come true next year. The products are rumored to arrive on March 1, 2024.

Animal Crossing LEGO Sets Leaked

According to the leaks, Animal Crossing will get five different sets.

  • 170 pieces for $14.99
  • 164 pieces for $19.99
  • 233 pieces for $29.99
  • 389 pieces for $39.99
  • 535 pieces for $74.99

The posts don’t describe what each set could be. I’d love to build the Resident Services Building, the Museum, or Nook’s Cranny.

The information about the leak comes from famous LEGO leakers exabrickslegogo and Falconbricks.

Both are known for making announcements about LEGO news. Several news sources, like Videogameschronicle and Gamesradar, credit both accounts for accurate product updates. We have good reason to believe they won’t disappoint, but it’s still a rumor. Nintendo and LEGO have not confirmed anything about the sets yet.

Most assume that the LEGO set will feature Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There’s no telling which Animal Crossing game the company will model the set after. It would make sense if they chose the latest addition to the franchise. New Horizons became famous worldwide between 2020 and 2021, outselling other Animal Crossing titles by a landslide.

In 2020, legotruman posted their version of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons LEGO set on LEGO Ideas. LEGO Ideas showcases fan-made creations, where others can vote for the items to become official LEGO sets. An idea needs at least 10,000 supporters in about two years to reach store shelves.

Legotruman’s innovative New Horizons set reached 4,256 supporters before their time expired in 2022. That’s a massive loss for us because the set looks fantastic.

The 1521-piece customizable island included:

  • Main house + Mailbox
  • Picnic table (with desserts)
  • Garden + Fruit Tree
  • Fishing beach (East side)
  • Crafting workbench
  • Mini-waterfall (West side)

The following popular characters were also included:

  • Isabelle
  • Tom Nook
  • K. K. Slider
  • Merengue
  • Reese
  • Blathers
  • Marshal
  • Raymond

If the Animal Crossing set rumor is true, hopefully, Nintendo’s products live up to this set on LEGO Ideas.